English@lacarte... finally a website that can meet your needs ! Choose your professor, your work place, your price, your rhythm and your program. English@laCarte will guide you but you are the master of your destiny !

Your Language Classes

Our teachers move and adapt to times that suit you. The duration of our classes, usually two hours, can also take the form of one-hour lunch break.

After the first course our consultants set your individual program and advise you how to boost your progress.

With our proven and effective methods, learning a new language with us will be a pleasure for those who are open to new challenges. Our team will help add value to your business.

Our approach

Each course, adapted to your level and your goals, aims to give you confidence in your ability to communicate in the language.

We can help you close that deal. Whether you need simple language practice, or you're starting from scratch, we can get you through the international negotiation process...

Private Lessons in over 60 languages !

Study Abroad in over 190 countries !

English Courses Online !

Our team

Our consultants background is based on sound professional experience gained in the scientific, economic, industrial, technical or media fields.

Our bilingual consultants, from the Grandes Ecoles or French International, have a relevant vision of the business and are committed to the culture of their country. Our team, dynamic and enthusiastic meet your requirements will help you learn and progress in achieving your professional and academic in terms of language.

Paris, France Locations

75005 - 16 boulevard St-Germain

75007 - 31 avenue de Ségur

75008 - 66 avenue des Champs-Elysées

75014 - 23 rue du Départ

75015 - 105 rue de l'Abbé Groult

75016 - 3 rue de la Mission Marchand

Contact us for our address elsewhere in France and abroad :
+33 1 45 03 59 44 / +33 6 74 08 65 40
Description of our Specialized English Courses

Strategic English
English at Work

  • Expressing ideas and your point of view. A presentation, a speech, an intervention in the workplace
  • Formulate an obligation, a need, a possibility, intention
  • Reasoning techniques
  • Sales negotiation in English
  • Master the most common idioms
  • Coping in everyday life (introducing oneself, buy, move, get out ...)
  • Strategic writing (learning persuasive writing techniques taught in the Great American Schools - Columbia, Harvard, UCLA)
  • Reversals of syntactic databases if necessary
  • Training using many relational techniques (role plays, conversations, debates) and multimedia (videos, CD Rom, taped texts)
  • Oral simulations of strategic situations (job interviews, business situations, negotiations, obtaining international customers)

Refresher course in English
Make your verbal and written communication shine !

  • Sentence structure and proposals
  • The verbs, their forms and time
  • Adjectives
  • Comparatives
  • Modals
  • Prepositions
  • Numbers, dimensions
  • Pronunciation and Conversation
  • Oral simulations of everyday situations (restaurants, travel, hospital, shopping, etc.)

Intensive TOEFL Review
Strategies for Achieving Success

  • Practice exercices in the 4 sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • Grammer review
  • Anglo-saxonne writing methods and skills
  • Comparison with CBT and PBT scores
  • The basics of English syntax identified as deficient are treated

Intensive preparation for the TOEIC
Successful Business English

1. Overview of the TOEIC exam
Listening, Photos, Answers, short conversations, short interviews, Reading, incomplete sentences, error recognition, reading comprehension

2. Grammatical structure and application
3. Vocabulary and communication in business
4. Reading and vocabulary
5. Listening and understanding
6. Review strategies
7. Exams
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